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My precursor to this post is that this is only my experience. Every child is different (be it twins, triplets or more), just as every adult is different. It is more about facts than making everything look pretty, this is a gritty, smelly, constipation filled, non-adrenaline pumping post.

Welcome to the truth of being a Dad of twin boys….

On my way home from work today, I wondered if I should stop a street or two away from home, turn the car off and leave the radio on to listen, interruption free, to one 6 minute news broadcast on the ABC. Now to most this would seem rather perplexing, why stop in the car? Why not just go home and listen to it there?
It may sound selfish, but I just needed to put myself into ‘time out’.

Time out…gee that sounds good! Isolated, carefree, no need to worry about anyone or anything else for 6 whole minutes…ahhhhh…bliss!

Then came the guilt, waves of it…..

You see, at home I have two boys who have been sick since last Wednesday week and have been unable to leave the house. Add to this that my my poor wife has also been unwell since Tuesday and hasn’t been able to get out either. Moving right along, T2 has had constipation for the last 4 days and even a suppository from the doc took 48 hrs to kick in.The cream on top with a nice cherry is I have also been sick since last week and have only taken one day off work instead of the four the doctor recommended. With me slipping off to work at 7:45am everyday and not getting home until just on dark, I haven’t even been able to get them to the local park for half an hour.

I think we passed cabin fever on Wednesday night, so now we are all a simmering pot of C4 with a very large detonator that has ‘Push me’ written all over it….and our twin boys have obliged in pushing it…repeatedly…..like a pair of OCD lunatics on some sort of hyperventilating medication. Obviously the boys are feeling better,….obviously Mum and Dad aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong, our boys are loved and adored to the max, yet if they weren’t so cute I am sure their would have been more dire consequences rather than just letting them run amok for the past few days. My wife has informed me that every ‘No’ has been met with a cheeky grin and a complete disregard of authority, even if out in time out. Goodness, they aren’t even two yet!

So I don’t pull over and listen to the news and my reward? I walk into our house and up the internal staircase, I hear the pitter patter of two tiny sets of feet running to the baby gate to meet me.

‘DADDA’ says T1 & puckers up for a kiss, then runs off with T2 in hot pursuit. Apparently T1 has just stolen the toy T2 was playing with….*Sigh*

Having twins is like glacial erosion, they don’t hit you all at once, they wear you down….one step of defiance at a time over minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. If it isn’t time for food, it’s time to fight over a toy, even though there is a second one of the same toy in the same room sitting less than 4 feet away. Learning to run across the couch, after repeated efforts to remove them, and still falling off to hit their heads, you can’t help but wonder if you should sign up for a medical experiment to grow a second set of hands.

People say, ‘oh it’s the same with my two kids’ but I beg to differ to a small degree. I will be presumptuous here and gather they are around 2 years apart if not more. That means at least one of your children has been through this before, yes….I said ONE and if you’re a first time Dad like me, with twins, we didn’t have that luxury.
Am I complaining? No…just tired. Just not well and just wanting 12 hrs of solid sleep.

I have just had the baby monitor next to me light up…looks like I’m not even going to finish tonight’s post.

Be well, enjoy your weekend and may multiple madness cross your path in the nicest possible way….