My Inspiration…1 bar of Chocolate, Multiple Hugs n Kisses and a Damn Good Wife!

As some of you may, or may not know, I have a hobby, of writing poems for my twin boys, friends in a couple of Multiple Groups I am part of and a few willing and paying customers from my Facebook Site (gratuitous plug at the bottom of the page).

Funnily enough I have been writing on and off since I was about 21 when my Dad passed away. It was my way of coping with everything that was swirling in my young brain while in a dark place for about 12 months. Two months prior to Dads passing, my fiancée at the time broke off our 4 year relationship, (yes the first love was in tatters), I had just lost my second job and was at an all time low.

I needed time to ‘find myself’ and ever since then, I have slowly discovered little gems residing within my own mind that have helped my guide myself to where I am today. It didn’t come overnight and some of my original works from back then make me cringe today. From someone who literally failed English at high school, I sat down with a dictionary, a mind full of emotions and a lot of free time on my hands.

Fast forward some Twenty odd years later and whenever I have a little bit of peace and quiet I find my irresistibly drawn to anything that let’s me put words on a page. Be it verse, rhyme, ode, short story or collective of funny works, I have always just ‘done’ and never wondered where my inspiration came from…..until today.

A friend on Facebook asked for a poem for a family member to which I agreed to write for her. Upon receiving some info about the said family member, I was soon scribbling away until an hour later it was done to my initial satisfaction. Upon emailing the poem to my new customer, I received a reply about 45 minutes later with a touching and emotional reply.

The lady simply said,”How could you have possibly written what was not only in my head but my heart as well? Thank You for you beautiful words. You have written in less than two hours what I have been trying to write for six months! Where do you draw your inspiration from?”

To be honest I was a little confused at first. Inspiration? Heck, I’m usually worried if the kids are sleeping ok, if travelling away next week is going to be stressful for the wife or one of one hundred and one other little things, but not where my inspiration comes from.

So I stopped, literally. I sat down and asked myself what inspired ME to write. At first i thought it was just a way of burning off excess mental energy and fulfilling a need to be creative, then I looked a little closer, then a lot closer. It was more than that, much more….

To my own surprise I actually realised that the words I put on paper ‘touched’ people both visually and emotionally. To convey a feeling in words is something so profound, that it truly gave me a greater appreciation for my own work.

So, to answer not only my customers question, but my own curiosity as well, I let all my thoughts coalesce into one big gelatinous pool and then started to dissect it. Now I needed to find out what made me think the way I do…..

Funnily enough, the answer came to me when I thought about ‘when’ I was actually writing something. It was almost like doing Astral Projection on a different level. Being self critical has always been a bad habit of mine, but tonight was different. Tonight I was being analytical, I wanted cold hard facts, not perfectionist rhetoric to convince myself I had done a good enough job.

And this was my answer…..

1 bar of Chocolate, Multiple Hugs n Kisses and a Damn Good Wife

It is my recipe for not only a good piece of inspirational work, but a damn fine piece of literature that will I am sure be quoted a hundred years from now with the words “Anon” at the end because someone tore my signature off the bottom of the page.

So, I digress….

Chocolate? Yep chocolate. I always have 3-4 bars hidden (not so well from the wife), in the dairy case in the top of the fridge door. Whenever I have that ‘block’ or cannot resolve the rhythm of a piece I am working on, I snap off one inch of the chocolate bar, put the rest back and savour the taste for about 30 seconds.
Within five minutes the solution presents itself out of nowhere and I’m on my way again.

Don’t ask me how or why it works, but it just works for me. Now for the ladies wondering what happened to the rest of the chocolate bar, I will let you choose between it being eaten by my wife or the rest of it is still sitting there waiting for my next writers block. You choose the happier ending. 😉

Next, Multiple Hugs and Kisses. boys and their gorgeous hugs n kisses. What more could I truly want? They may be any inspiration on their own, yet looking a little deeper than that I found it was the ‘experiencing’ of their hugs n kisses that gave me the REAL feeling of penning inspiration on a page. If you have experienced enough in life, surely it stands to reason that you are qualified enough to write it down? But there was more, I found that if others vented, discussed or explained THEIR situation, complication or frustration, I could translate that into feelings as well….I likened it to ‘just because you know the stove is hot, I don’t have to touch it to prove it.’ Again, that’s just me, the ‘how’ escapes me but I have a feeling it is sitting in my peripheral vision and just cannot focus on it…..well not tonight anyway.

Now, the ‘Damn Good Wife’ ingredient….
What can I say? She is, and she being the woman who enables me to do what I do with her full support likes to remain anonymous. So,please excuse the crudity of the terminology. It is my respect for my wife, and not my lack of manners, that lets me use this term in such an affectionate manner.
We are a unit, a well oiled unit. A unit so slick that all the ‘big decisions’ in life are so easily resolved, yet if the soap isn’t put back in the right place, World War III will ensue. This is how we function and a by product of functioning like this is a clear mind. We fight, we get over it and move on because it IS trivial. There is nothing left over for tomorrow because a joke about the toothbrush lets us both see the funny side and sleep well that night.

So how does the third ingredient complete my recipe? Ahhhhh…the big one. My muse, my inspiration, my strength is drawn from this woman of all women. She is no super model, but she is a Super Mum. She is not a size 8 but she can scare eight kids whitless if they are misbehaving. She loves a bubble bath and I love running them for her. She gets to read in the bubble bath and I get two hours of peace and quiet, especially if the twins are asleep! See, it’s all about being complimentary. It is all about my wife knowing that the more I yank her chain, the better the next meal, bunch of flowers or size of the Caramello Koala I buy her is going to be worth it. All this will be done with attention to detail, genuine love and above all…..gratitude.
The ability for her to do the kids lunch boxes for Kindy the next day or wash up when I said I would, gives me the ‘Time’ I need.

Yes, the time I need to find the inspiration to put these words to print. Yes it is the way that my words that no other will see, but her, that completes my recipe with a chocolate bar in one hand, a slobbered kiss on both my cheeks and the time my wife gives me that allows me to ‘touch’ others in ways that I cannot yet imagine….

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