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Parting is the sweetest sorrow
But Daddy has to go,
Work has called me far away
But both of you should know.

I watched you in your sleep last night
Two boys, my very own,
And kissing both your foreheads
I mark how time has flown.

Your tiny little faces
Etched upon my mind,
Waiting here to greet me
With arms outstretched and wide.

You’re both tucked in, I trace in your brows
I hear two tiny sighs,
And feel as though you’re saying
We’ll miss you Dad, goodbye.

I catch my breath and hold it in
As you each do grab a thumb,
Slowly I start feeling
Three heartbeats now as one.

I stand now in the doorway
The night light glowing warm,
I know I should be going
But my heart is really torn.

Just another moment
And then I’ll close the door,
My tears already falling
So silent on the floor.

Goodnight my boys, I’ll see you soon
Sweet Dreams to both of you,
And may Daddy’s kisses linger
Until we meet anew.

NKW copyright 2014