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Tonight I have sat here with my head in my hands thinking and reflecting on a family that has lost one of their beautiful twin girls. Although she was only 52 hours old, she touched so many lives in such a short time. Our hearts go out to the family involved and truly hope that her memory lives on in our hearts for many lifetimes to come……

Our Em….

Resting so peacefully
Encased by wings,
In a place where only
Angels can sing.

Beyond our reach
And forever to hold,
Where it’s always so warm
And never too cold.

Joy you brought
Fleeting and true,
Yet we’ve missed all the things
We wanted to do.

Like a comet that came
You shone like a star,
Then winked out of time
To early by far.

As we stand where you rest
Your memory we’ll keep,
Under this tree
Where you now sleep.

For we are your parents
Forever and more,
To our treasured young Em
You are loved and adored.

It is times like this, in such great sorrow, that I have to admire the outpouring of support, love and friendship that can be found, not only in real life but online as well. My words can never return the precious life that was taken tonight, but I would gladly exchange them for her if they could.

I have always lived with the saying ‘everything for a reason, even if it’s not clear’ for many years, …yet tonight, nothing is clear…..except for the heartbreak and loss of a family that didn’t deserve a fate such as this.

I know when my boys wake tomorrow, there will be extra kisses bestowed upon them and then a few more in memory of Emily. To her family, I wished my arms were long enough to embrace you all over the distance between us. Be true and kind to each other…. May your tears be in love and remembrance of your precious angel.

We pray that she is at rest and awaits us all on the day when we can all meet again….