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Every now and again you inadvertently stumble into someone else’s adventure. For us this could not have been more true when a friend in Munich, Germany asked if we knew of any nice places some friends of hers could stay and visit when they came to our fine city.

After handing over a few suggestions we asked when they were arriving. Low and behold they we going to be in town in less than 2 weeks time. I was put directly in touch with Anders and from there a new friendship blossomed that engulfed both of our families over the coming month or so.

Maybe a little background is in oder here to understand just what was going on. This is a small excerpt form their blog –>

“….So we asked ourselves the question: Why sit here and focus on making money for a life that none of us are really happy about, when we could be travelling around the world, together as a family, and be with our son 24 hours a day? We could be filling our lives with things that make us happy. Things that we care about. Things that will forever change who we are.

This website is about a family of three who is currently travelling around the world. It is also about seeking what is important in life: Those moments that you always dreamed of. Those moments that you will never forget.

We sold our home, and left our stranded careers behind us. What will we eventually do to further finance our lives? Well, it all depends on what happens “on the road”! We hope that the journey will forever tie us together as a family (more than we already are), that our son will get a better understanding of the world and its cultures, and that we will return with new views on the aspects of life. We also hope that we will meet new friends, tie new bonds, and get new inspiration for our lives, so that we can pick up our working life again, with renewed energy and passion.

Australia was the second (if I remember correctly), country this wonderful family of three arrived in after leaving Germany.

From the moment we all met I think we knew we were going to be life long friends. For sure I will give them extra credit for taking their three-year old with them on the journey of a lifetime! Anders (Dad), Alexandra (Mum) & young Anton ARE Three On The Go and the name could not be more apt.

In the end, we showed the guys around town, and had them back to our place for a BBQ dinner. Stories were shared, life experiences were exchanged and it became one of those most memorable nights when people really connect and wondrous things are discovered.  Due to travelling with my work, I was lucky enough to catch them twice more on the road before they left our shores.

To sell up and head off around the world has been a dream come true for these guys. We have been living vicariously through their adventures for the past 10 months and look forward to every step as their journey continues. One day we hope to reunite for the favour of going to their country and not only rekindle a great friendship, but to travel with our boys and broaden their horizons just as our favourite ‘Three On The Go’ have done.

I, for one, am looking forward to this day and hope it occurs sooner rather than later.

Check out the blog and see how they are going (or have gone), Insightful, personal yet  informative to all who travel, especially if you are thinking of taking the kids!


See you soon my friends! 🙂