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A simple little momento…. There will come a day when reflecting on ‘what was’ will bring a tear to your eye.
Our ‘little terrors’ grow up all to fast…

I am Blessed

Blessed I am
To have multiple kids,
My rascals, my lovables
My own tin lids.

The havoc and disaster
They bring to our home,
Leaves it somehow
Like the Twilight Zone.

Snot and sickness
They never eat peas,
There’s another nudie run
Keep your nappy on please.

Teething, fighting
We always run late,
When choosing their clothes
There’s always a debate.

Yet when no ones around
And it’s just one on one,
I hear magical things
And have lots of fun.

The little I love yous
And the cheekiest grin,
A cuddle or two
I’ve just had a win.

Those melting moments
That you’ll never see,
Makes all of the difference
Between my kids and me.

NKW Copyright 2014