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What a week of firsts, chaos and exhaustion…….

In a nutshell,

1] The boys both have glasses now. Connor has a new prescription and frames and Christian has his first pair as well. Still as cute as every though…

2] The boys have moved up a room in Day Care and are loving it. New friends, good times and so much so they don’t want to leave.

3] I picked the boys up early to go to the optometrists and as we were leaving, 6 girls in the level above the boys were all lined up against the fence saying, bye Christian, bye Connor. Christian walked 2 mtrs along the footpath and started blowing kisses to the girls like a celebrity as the girls all giggled. I nearly died with laughter as he turned walked towards his limo that awaited….hahaha. 😉
Smooth mate….very smooth. 😀

4] We had the fire brigade come out for a gas leak that ended up being aero shed rubber on the end of our BBQ!

5] Christian earned his first ride in the Ambulance as he had a fall at home and hit his head on the tiles. He held his breath until he passed out and went rigid, like a silent seizure and we couldn’t get him to respond. We literally thought we had lost him for a few seconds and it was the scariest thing we have every experienced in our lives. I never want to repeat that in a hurry.

6] Christian has decided to count to 10 out of nowhere. He has half the alphabet down pat and colours and shapes aren’t far behind. His explosion of vocabulary has left us shaking our heads wondering what is coming next. We just wanted a happy pair of boys and he hasn’t been forced to do any of this. It’s incredible how much they soak up and spit back out within a few short weeks.

This is just the simple stuff, lots of changes at work and family news on top of all this, but for tonight….I’m done. It’s now it’s time for some serious ZzZzZzs……

Let’s hope next week isn’t quite as eventful…..