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Continuing on from Part 1 of this topic, I’m surprised that I have only received compliments for my initial post. Tonight I want to delve a little deeper and touch on this topic from a guys point of view as well.

For me personally, I have always considered my wife to be a ‘package deal’ as they say. The difference may be what you consider to be in that package as a guy.
For me, I knew from our conversation on our very first date that kids were definitely an option, we also discussed the issue of not being able to have kids ourselves and the alternatives available to us. Little did we know at the time that Surrogacy awaited us down the track.

So I ask all the guys out there….what do you honestly expect from a life long commitment like marriage? Do you think your wife will always looks twenty five, have a perfect figure, breeze through life, have a few kids and do everything you see on those TV commercials when the whole family goes camping and loves it?

Yeah right…good luck and I hope your wife has the good sense to beat you with a rolling pin if you do.

Tell me how things ‘changed’ after your first child, twins or triplets? Have you ever stopped to consider what your wife or partner actually went through and the consequences you both now face in reality?
Do you make fun of your wife’s ‘jiggly bits’ and think it’s fun to point out her most vulnerable insecurities to your mates or worse still, in public?

I bet more than 90% of you haven’t taken the time to appreciate what you really have on your hands. It grieves me to hear of ladies who’s husbands still,think a PS3 console is more important than helping with the kids….you ARE the biggest kid and you think you have the entitlement to be so…..think again mate.

Some guys think that the lack of sex drive, affection, extra duties and fatherly responsibilities somehow don’t apply or are being blamed on them.

What bothers me more is that some women find this normal and just accept that he won’t change……hide the controller to the PS3 for a month and his favourite game then I’ll beg to differ. I know some awesome hands on Dads who take their responsibilities very seriously and we find it strange that some guys want to act like the biggest kid in the household….but once again….I have digressed.

Ahhh yes, body image. What is it to you?
Being a size 8-10?
A toned body?
Wearing make up 24/7 just to look pretty in case Prince Charming climbs through your bedroom window?

Where does this all stem from?

I saw an alarming post on one social media forum from a distressed Mum. She simply wanted to know where she could by some ‘modest clothing’ for her 10 year old that wasn’t 2 inches below her knickers and was a full T-shirt and not just a skimpy midriff top. Are you kidding me????

If this is fashion today, all I can say is thank goodness I have two boys that WILL wear their pants above their hips. If they choose not too, I will simply write ‘I’m a wanker’ on the arse end of ever pair of jocks or boxers they own.

Self and body image start at home and from you, yes YOU the parents. Playing dress ups is great imaginative play, but a 10 year old wearing lipstick to go to the shops is not doing them any favours for their long term prospects.

Call me old fashioned, cynical or even an old fart, I don’t care. Tell me how it all turns out for your kids when they are blamed for leading a guy on, or get drunk because it is fashionable.

I’m not saying dress like Elizabethan times ( Google it young ones), nor can they have a drink if they want one. All I want is my boys to be confident in themselves and, when the time comes that they have a girlfriend, that there is a genuine bond between them and not a cloud of Chanel No 5, an ultra skirt and a mouth like something that came from the blooper reel of the Blazing Saddles movie (Google it again…).

Ok, I got a little of topic and seem to have vented a bit (can I say oops?), to much.
I’ll have another attempt in Part 3 of this series next time….