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My fingers tremble, I hesitate….

You look at me, the universe dissolves,
Distant galaxies coalesce into a swirl of stardust behind my eyes.

This one moment, etching itself into my memory
Beyond thought and words we coexist,
Bending time whilst reshaping my future, a new peace settles upon me.

My body shakes like thunder, yet there is no storm
The mere act of taking a single breath echoes only from within,
Focus is simply impossible through a single salt shed tear.

Depth of field surrenders itself to this moment
Momentum shifts as I lean towards you,….then…..then there is contact.
An infusion of warmth quells any fears and banishes the years of darkness.

The veil of mystery is no more, everything connected, every soul alive
No words spoken, no words necessary, no words needed,
Sliding my hand beneath you closes this chapter and life, a new book begins.

Our gaze between each other ebbs and flows with the rhythm of life.
The innocence held within my fingertips relinquishes it’s fleeting grasp
A new world takes form around me, one of awe, inspiration and uncertainty.

You are my son and we name you so, a child of miracles, dreams and perseverance.
Well met, greetings and warmest salutations are exchanged within this moment,
The tiniest raise of your hand acknowledges me, I smile for all moments yet to come.

You are the sun and you are my son, I rejoice in your arrival.
Nothing is impossible, nothing is insurmountable, nothing but love
Suffused with all that is, I lift you to my heart and listen to yours.

How else could one explain how we met, for the very first time…….

Copyright 2014