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I’m a little concerned as I start on Part 3 tonight. Concerned by the lack of comments on my last two posts that is. I’m not sure if I have touched a nerve or if other good ladies and gents are just being polite.

Anyway, onwards and upwards with Part 3!

Moving along from the Dads point of view, I did speak to another Multi Mum earlier in the week about Part 1. I found it interesting how people, myself included, can have an epiphany once you really think about things.

Here is what Ms V said:

“Sometimes us ladies get stuck in a rut of boringness and whinging. Sometimes we need to be reminded/told that we are in that rut. I’ve only just realised I’m now pretty much what I was before kids and I don’t need to change in the bathroom. Also I don’t have to watch cartons with the kids we can listen to music!”

This is why I love blogging. To hear what, how and why others change their perspective on life, especially after seeing or reading something they would normally not have come across in their day to day routine.

I don’t know how many times I have heard the whispers, but rarely hear a conversation on Mums actually being Mums and Dads being Dads. Everything seems to be way to competitive for my liking. Personally, I just hope our boys are happy and healthy, the rest will take fall in to place over time.

As per usual, I have digressed….

So what’s it to be Ladies and Gents?

A chance to renew and explore our bodies together in a meaningful relationship?

Maybe time for a mid life crisis and have a meltdown?

For me, I’d like to see a change in societies behaviour. Women role models are those who make a difference in this world. Beauty queens will,come and go, starve themselves half into oblivion and for what? The chance to wear a shiny crown for 12 months?
The most beautiful woman to me is the one you can love, argue with, reconcile, raise your kids with you and be completely open and honest with. The ‘girl next door’ has more going for her than any size 8 (or skinnier) model on any catwalk.

Let’s see a model juggle getting 4 kids ready for school and day care, if you have twins or triplets the challenge is more daunting than you might believe.

So in the end, the answer to my question of ‘Why does my husband love my fat bits’ is simple…..

You are the woman that he loves, the mother to your children, your conscious, guide, lover, friend and most of all….you love him. Does it have to be any more complicated than that?

Two cents worth of free advice?

You’re not as fat as you think.
Yes,…..he loves you.
Skinny doesn’t equal beauty. (Bet you weren’t told that when you tried the latest diet!)
Your inner temperament is our rock. If you aren’t happy within yourself, nothing your hubby or partner can or do say will make it better. If they do try, how many of you feel worse because the tried?

All throughout this blog of mine, I keep hammering out one common theme.

Life, love, relationships, friendships, work, opinions, family, everything you see, do, live and breathe comes down to two simple things…

Perspective and Circumstances

The question is,……. are you willing to change yours to make a better life as a better wife, mother, friend and lover?

As the famous Helen Keller once said,”The only thing worse than being blind, is having no vision of your future.”

Maybe it’s time to change your perspective if someone is trying but not reaching you. Remember, most guys will try to reach you in a playful manner, so cut him some slack and let him love you…and your fat bits.