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A decade ago, on a freezing cold night on the first of July 2004, I ventured from the Northside of town over to the Southside to meet a lady for coffee for the first time. Sitting at Toscanini’s under a broken heating lamp, we talked, disagreed on the colour of her maroon jumper, (she stills thinks it is hot pink or fuchsia!), had four cappuccinos and left feeling warm on the inside and like a frozen popsicle everywhere else.

Apparently I have ‘nice’ Green eyes…..

For hours after our coffee date, I was bouncing off the walls. I don’t normally drink coffee but it was cold and the conversation was good so I stuck it out….lucky me!
A little persistence chasing her for a second date is whole other story…lol. In the end, this wise lady succumbed to my charms and slightly twisted sense of humour.

You never stood a chance Honey. 😉

Our third date was……unique, memorable and official. To this day, I still tease, taunt, tantalise, titilate and catch you unawares at the most in opportune times.

Ten years to this day, we have since been married for 8 years, been on a cruise or two, travelled to India & New Zealand and added the two most mischievous yet precious boys to our family, blended the Greek and Aussie cultures to suit, watched my career change several times with promotions, I moved to the ‘other side’ of town, fully renovated the house (never again!), and added a few kilos through martial contentment.

We have fought, loved, argued, cried, laughed, shared, renovated, travelled, hugged, worried, invested and missed each other. It’s been a heck of a ride and we still haven’t really applied the brakes yet.

More than anything, I want to wish my beautiful Wife, you know who you are, a special thank you for letting me into your life, sharing your heart and putting up with the most awesome country bloke I know…me.

Everything you do is special, even if I don’t always tell you. I watch you when you’re not looking, especially with the boys and it brings an instant smile to my face. You are young at heart, even if we feel every minute of our age after a hard day with the boys. It has been so worth it and I look forward to at least another 50 years of spoiling you as much as you deserve, which is always.

I love you more than these words can say and I am grateful that you chose me to be a part of your life…..even though I can be a pain in the arse….occasionally.
I have been saying to you since the day we were married,”What’s worse? Me being me or you loving me for me being me?”

I know you still haven’t forgiven me for that….but you still laugh at my twisted sense of humour and for this you are a better, if not smarter, woman. I’m sure all those bubble baths I have run for you years ago still haven’t cleansed the thought of me retiring 3 months earlier than you either.

If you combined all the light from every galaxy in the known universe and put it next to my love for you, it would be a mere ember in comparison. The twinkle that still shines in your eyes has not faded even though the grey hairs are catching up to us.

You have always brought out the softer side of me, the romantic and the gentleman. You deserve nothing less and you deserve far more….like a cleaner to do the housework that never ends.

Yet after all is said and done, all I can say is Happy Anniversary, my heart is truly yours….it always has been and will always continue to be so.

With lots of love and affection, always….

Your wonderful, adoring, husband…..xoxo