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I am afraid of what the future holds for my children.

I am afraid that I will not be able to make a better world for them to live in.

I am afraid that the many will be swept aside by the greedy.

I am afraid that everything we cherish on this planet will either be dead, used or abused and there will be no beauty left for future generations.

I am afraid that my words of comfort to my children will become hollow and they think I lied to them when I say ‘Things will get better with time’.

I am afraid that the governments, that we elect say they speak for the common person when in reality, they crush the human spirit instead.

I am afraid that we as a single species allow ourselves to be treated like nothing.

I am afraid that the abundance of resources on this planet are controlled by so few.

I am afraid that if I speak out, my family will be harassed, ridiculed and shamed into silence.

I am afraid that greed, war and profit takes precedence over peace, sharing and respect.

I am afraid that political goodwill is nothing but a lie and deception.

I am afraid that the future is shaping up to be nothing like the place I dreamed it would be.

I am afraid that my children will become a slave to the one thing we do not need…money.

I am afraid that my children will not reach their full potential because they are told they are wrong or cannot do it that way.

I am afraid that you have forgotten what you believed in as a child.

I am afraid that we tell our children to love, share, respect yet all our leaders do is hate, conquer and profit from their position of power.

I am afraid that we will be prevented from finding cures for diseases that we created because there is no profit in it.

I am afraid that we are being manipulated by the powerful that we need to obey the ‘system’ and laws when all these do is oppress and dishearten.

I am afraid that my word will fall on deaf ears of those that can make a difference.

I am afraid that my children will loose their innocence way to soon because all their freedoms will be removed one at a time.

I am afraid people will allow all of this to happen to our children because a TV Show with no meaning takes precedence.

I am afraid that we are being dumbed down and to not be critical thinkers when it comes to the ‘best interests’ of us as a people.

I am afraid that all that I have written will come to pass.

And most of all, I am afraid that you will do nothing to stop any of this happening.

Lastly…..I am afraid you will not even see the truth that I have written…