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It may not seem like a big deal, but after two years of doing quick outings and running home for the boys to sleep or feed, least they become feral, we finally had a full morning at a friends place.

The kids had morning tea with someone their own age and the adults all got to have coffee and nibbles. We suddenly felt like ‘adults’ again. 🙂



A small thing was a big win for all of us. You forget after a while that getting out and about is more than just visiting the park or pool. It is as much about renewing friendships and reconnecting with other adults without the sound of Peppa Pig, Sesame Street or other kids entertainment ruling the house for a few hours.

Watching the boys interact with someone their own age was awesome! The social skills and manners that we have spent hours on teaching them were able to be put into a real life scenario, with fantastic results. Hearing the boys say please, thank you and asking to share was, for this Dad, a heart warming one.


Whether it was playing with doll houses, bikes or blocks, there was minimal need for supervision as all the kids shared and exchanged ideas.

Suddenly there was that little moment when we realised that our boys were not so little anymore. A mixture of sadness and delight in one of those bittersweet moments as your recognise things will never be the same. Although it is only momentary, another milestone has been ticked off.

We can finally go out as a family and our world has once again become that little bit bigger than our current bubble of four. With the boys second birthday less than two weeks away, we have now been hit with what others have been saying for years, but never really understood the meaning of ‘time flies’….until now.

It may sound silly, but sometimes we just wish they stayed a tiny bit younger for a little bit longer.

Overall, we wouldn’t change a thing, yet knowing we won’t have any more children means everything is both a first and a last puts a slightly different perspective on everything we see and do.

For now though, we are just glad to be out of the house and in a place where all four of us can have age compatible friendships and a whole lot of fun along the way….

After all, it’s all about the memories we make that creates the moments we will cherish and share at a much later time in life, and for this, we have been blessed multiple times. Living in the moment has a new meaning now and we are going to  take full advantage of it ever opportunity we get. 🙂