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Hugs me

Feeds me

Bathes me

Changes me

Reads to me

Respects me

Holds my hand

Is firm but fair

Encourages me

Sets boundaries

Cooks me breakfast

Teaches me manners

Wipes away my tears

Drives me to daycare

Can apply a band aide

Doesn’t dress me funny

Shows me how to share

Teaches me ABC and 1 2 3

Knows I will make mistakes

Chases away scary monsters

Carries me on his shoulders

Sings nursery rhymes to me

Pushes me around on my trike

Can stack blocks really high

Shares his cup of tea with me

Shows me how to brush my teeth

Let’s me fall asleep in his arms

Reasons with me but doesn’t yell

Says he is sorry when he is wrong

Pushes me on the swings in the park

Carries me when I’m to tired to walk

Let’s me check the letterbox for mail

Tells Mummy he loves her in front of me

Looks me in the eye when talking to me

Picks me up when I fall and dusts me off

Helps me count buses when we’re in the car

Comes down to my height when speaking to me

Reads my favourite book…ten times in a row

Puts a coin in my piggy bank and doesn’t touch it

Let’s me ‘drive the car’ when it’s parked in the garage

Rebuilds the ABC Play mat with me for the 4th time today

Occasionally let’s me have one more when I say ‘pwease!’

Takes time to be there for us all the time, not just in the good times
Yet most of all, I’m just glad I can call him my Dad….