Here are the others Ali… 🙂

8. Are they girls ( when both are dressed in Blue) or vice versa

9. How do you tell them apart? Ummm they are non ID

10. Was the pregnancy twice as long?

11. How do you do it?

12. How can I have Twins?

13. Were they IVF?

14. Did you plan this?

I’m sure there are more out there as well. lol.
Great blog!

Moloney Mayhem 🙂

I am sure that people with children can totally relate to these ‘sayings’ and questions.  I get then.  A lot.  A. LOT.  It is almost like having four gives people the right to interrogate you, or pass on their commiserations, regarding them.

Here are some of my most common questions or statements; and my standard answers…

1.  Don’t you have a TV?

“What do you do in the commercials?”

“Yes but this (pointing to the triplets) happened because of rained out cricket and piss poor summer TV”

“Is a TV now a form of contraception?”


2.  Are they natural?

“Uhm, actually no – they are robots”

“Not really, they are mostly unnatural”


3.  You poor thing!

“Clearly I don’t see it that way…”


4.  Glad it’s you and not me

Yes, so am I as clearly you have no idea how magical it is to have four…

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