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Welcome to the end of the year that was 2014. For me, 2014 has been one of personal growth, love, stress, achievements, loss and insight. Now that I have hit  my 46th birthday, I find myself reflecting on many things both big and small.

I have arrived where I am with both joy and sadness, but most of all I am well and truly on my way to a new level of personal happiness.

Running the Multiple Dads Sanctuary on Facebook opened a whole new world to me, so many ups and downs, new books, rough times and personal milestones for so many. New friendships forged along with the tragic loss of one of our very finest made for a year of reflection, understanding and connections I had never even considered possible before. What I was expecting from this group has far exceeded my every expectation! I was hoping to get about 25-40 blokes together to have random chats and insights into being a Dad of Multiples. It seems like the word has got around and we now have 485 Dads doing their best to learn, cope, unload, vent and share every aspect of being a Dad. I couldn’t be prouder of the lads either. Not one person has been banned and not one post removed for being insensitive or argumentative, in fact even the most polarising of topics have been almost genteel with plain language a healthy dose of respect and yet honest views.

The same goes for volunteering on the BMBAS Committee for the second year in a row, the bake sales, Bunnings BBQs and family fun days have always been something to look forward too. As one friend put it so succinctly, ‘A hundred conversations all left unfinished and nobody bats an eye…..Ahhh normality’. To all the Multiple parents, thank you, for without you, your stories, tips, tricks and friendship, I would be poorer for not having known you at all.

My boys…..ahhh…my boys are now little men! Starting day care this year was absolutely heart breaking at first, yet the beautiful staff ,that we now call friends, have become a part of our extended family. Christian and Connor have gone from 40 odd words to full sentences, awesome comprehension and beautiful manners in just 11 months. The manic morning rush of getting the boys off to day care before my day starts at work has been a godsend, watching them grow, learn and explore has added a new vitality to my day for all the right reasons. Counting buses, learning left and right as well as colours and numbers are just a few of the highlights, inc the ever popular “Go go Daddy” at every set of traffic lights. The bittersweet tinge of knowing that everything is a first and a last at the same time, has underscored these precious moments and made me want to slow life down just a notch or two.

Work has been one of many challenges this year, multiple changes and a promotion have turned up the pressure even more, but we do what we have to do…right?

For me personally, it has been a year of discovery, change and finally a new book. Shedding nearly 20Kgs in the last 5 months, joining the Gym and resuming my writing has had a major impact on my mindset, health and understanding of what is truly important in life. The ability to learn, change and adapt has been a common thread this year and one I won’t forget quickly.

For those I get to say hi to frequently, and even those whom I have yet to even speak too this year, it’s nice to know that as a larger community I have witnessed some wonderful deeds, memorable occasions and tragic circumstances come and go as the months have rolled by. Some more personal than others, some heart wrenching and others life changing beyond what anyone would have dreamed.

As for 2015, here is to hoping that taking things to the next level on all fronts will bring even more love, happiness and perspective for all to enjoy.

Yours in Blogship,