To finish up multiple birth awareness week, I had the privilege of being interviewed by fellow blogger and the magnificent Mum of triplets Gayle Huyton. 

Interview link:

Although we don’t always get the chance to meet regularly face to face, I still consider parents like Gayle as part of my TEAM. Contact of any kind that leads to discussion, support, a sounding board, understanding and sometimes even a good kick in the bum is what makes us all get on with being parents. 

So I want to thank my TEAM right here, without whom I would be half the Dad I am today…

Tina – my better half and awesome Mum

Nicole, Bree and Tania – sounding boards, reality checkers and great friends. 

The Melbourne Crew – To many to list but have shown me friendship, insight and what being a Multiple Parent is all about. Sam would be proud! šŸ™‚

Dale – Mr Dad himself. There a stellar things ahead my friend. 

To everyone else I chat, talk, see…thank you for being part of my TEAM šŸ™‚