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For Forty-seven years I have dreamed of being where I am tonight….

Bone weary yet deliriously happy, I currently have my twin three and a half year old boys lounging all over me as I attempt to write this blog. The monster truck carrying numbers is playing for the 374757564th time this week, which is only a few shy of The Big Red Car by the Wiggles, (Yes we only have the originals here!), yet revenge is sweet when I see the boys singing along to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while I capture it all on video for their 21st.

You can keep your fast cars, rock concerts and gym memberships. I get enough exercise from two little boys making Wooooooowooooo siren sounds chasing the baddie (me), for failing to indicate when I turned left at the kitchen bench. I’m sure the infringement ticket will cost me two yoghurt pouches and an extra story to read at bedtime. Bad Daddy!

The joys of fatherhood come to me wrapped up In two big smiles, two sets of mischievous eyes, two pairs of glasses, two pairs of arms wrapped around my neck and two infectious sets of giggles that will forever warm my heart.

So how do I know that I have found my calling?

This has to be the easiest question I have even been asked. The answer is simple….when I hear the simple words of “Daddy, we love you” being softly spoken in my ear when I least expect it.

Sometimes what you were meant to be isn’t associated with money, fame, other people’s ideas of what you should be. Sometimes your calling is just trying to be a good Dad.

Now I am not the wealthiest man in the world, yet I bask in the richness of the affection of my twin boys. I am not perfect, far from it, yet I see the cheeky glint in my boy’s eyes, the laughter that fills our house to overflowing and the never ending, riotous, conversation between our twin boys. I have never felt younger, or older, than what I do right now.

Yet it hasn’t always been this way, at times you can feel broken, at times you feel you are doing it all wrong. At times I don’t think I have the patience, love and strength to be ‘that man’, yet…..I try. I try because I see who is watching me, emulating me and learning from me. I promised a lot of things to my boys, of which a few of which have been broken, but I’ll gladly accept a speeding ticket or any other infringement notice my boys dish out for me in return for another hug or extra book at bedtime.

Christian & Connor 2012 - 2016

Christian & Connor 2012 – 2016

You see, being blessed with multiples comes with a price, yet it also comes with some of the most life changing rewards.

It’s not always been this way, yet through the AMBA family, I have found a way. You are never alone, someone always knows and understands and no family left behind are not just mere words or platitudes, they are actions we encounter daily. Having joined the BMBAS (Brisbane Multiple Birth Association Southside) in 2012, I soon found myself on the committee as the Dads Contact and EPIN (Expectant Parents Information Nights Support) and learning how much volunteering can change your life. Meeting beautiful people, forging lifelong friendships, watching babies turn into toddlers before your very eyes and most of all, loving every moment of it.

Well it’s time for bed and I’m being hauled off to read whatever the boys picked up from the library this week. I can only hope that it has rocket ships, planets, moons and stars in it! [I can say that can’t I? lol]

So, if you’re lucky tonight, you will be tucked into bed while your temperature is being taken with a paddle pop stick between your toes, while your other child is opening your mouth like a lion tamer, and has decided they are going to crawl inside your mouth to inspect your tonsils and check out what you had for lunch.

Enjoy celebrating your MBAW in 2016. May multiple blessings permeat your house and the silence be broken often and loudly with the mirth of happy kids.

Goodnight, be well and may your dreams of being on your local AMBA committee at next months AGM come true!