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Tonight, for the first time in a very long time, Tina, Christian, Conor & I ended up at Mum and Dads place for dinner on a Friday night.
After dinner was cleared away, I decided to head home around 7pm so I could grab some fuel for the car and get everything ready for when the boys came home with with my wife.

When I said I was leaving, Connor piped up and wanted to come with me to help out and spend some one on one time just with Dad, while Christian opted to stay and spend some time just with Mummy.

So we went and got some fuel, and a few Freddo Frogs for the rest of the family as Connor happily chatted away in the back of the car…something he doesn’t normally do as Christian is the car talker!

When Connor and I got home, he asked if he could watch one or two 10 min video clips on YouTube that he loves. Fair call and why not! They normally have to take turns so I had no problems with the request at all….that was until I started to get things ready and I turned around to see Connor standing behind me,….just watching me go about my business.

I said,”Hey mate, what’s up?”

Connor smiled and said,”Dad, can you come sit on the lounge with me for some cuddles?” 😍

There was no way I was going to pass up that opportunity, so I put down the dish cloth and sat on the lounge and Connor snuggled in and proceeded to give me a running commentary on his favourite cartoon video about the police car chasing the baddie for the next 10 mins. Letting Connor chatter away, having the stage and letting him interrupt his own commentary to pause, and say ‘I love you Dad’ for no other reason than he can just melted my heart beyond words.

I must admit that I had just forgotten just how much the boys love one on one time. A time where they don’t have to compete for attention, the TV, a chat and more importantly kisses and cuddles.

Being so busy with work (seeing the boys, and Tina, one hour a day during the week lately), I was just to busy trying to parent and adult, that I lost my focus on being a Dad.

Tonight is a night that I will treasure for a long time to come as I simply curled up, forgot about the world and enjoyed the company of just one of my Sons. No phone, no Facebook, no interruptions, nothing….just Connor and I loving each other’s company and enjoying being a Dad.

To be honest, I didn’t want it to end…..yet in time, all good things do.

So here I am now, with both of the boys tucked into bed, and me with the hope that I can sneak some time with Christian to do the same with him some time on the weekend.

I just wanted to share with all of you, that no matter how busy life gets, the ‘little people’ that sit in your lap today, are the ones telling you they are getting married tomorrow.

Take the time, find the love, share yourself and just ‘be’ with your little ones while you can. To look back on moments like these, the ones you make time for, will be some of the most precious memories you will ever make. I know this because there isn’t a dry eye here as I write every last word of my night with my son on this page….

Lots of Love to All the Mums and Dads….you need it as much as our kids do too….xxxooo